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Why do I need to have my water tested professionally every 2-4 weeks?

Testing at home with your strips or drop test kits give you only a limited reading of your balancing chemical levels of your pool water. The average home test kit only reads pH, chlorine, and sometimes alkalinity. There are various other levels that are important to your pool that need to be tested on a regular basis to ensure water balance and safety for the swimmers. Also, the professional testing done in store is far more accurate than home tests, leaving you with added security that your pool water is safe and balanced.

I'll be going on vacation for a week.  What should I do to keep my pool healthy while I am gone?

While you are away, it is important that your water circulates and is sanitized. A pump timer and automatic chlorinator are the most foolproof ways of ensuring that this is done, because they will automatically turn your pool on and off each day, and distribute chlorine into your water. If a timer and automatic chlorinator are not an option for you, having a neighbor stop by once every day or two to run the pump and check on chemicals will help to keep your water healthy while you are away.

Do I need to drain my pool each year?

No. Pools can handle cold temperatures better when partially filled with water as a buffer. A drained pool can also crack or pop out of the ground because of pressure from ground water

What type of winter cover would be recommended for my inground gunite or vinyl liner pool?

We would recommend a solid safety cover for both types of pools. Safety Covers are designed to protect both your pool and your family. Pool covers are manufactured to your specific pool size and shape, when properly installed; the safety cover will help prevent accidental intrusion by children and pets.

These covers also have a drain strip in the center to allow water to flow into the pool without debris. A higher water level in a vinyl liner pool can prevent the liner from floating and a gunite pool could be forced out of the ground if the ground water is greater than the water in the pool.

How long do I have to wait to use my swimming pool after chemical treatment?

Generally it is safe to use your pool after chemicals have dispersed throughout the pool, usually 15 minutes to one hour. If shocking your pool, wait until the chlorine levels drops to recommended levels.

I still have pool chemicals left over from last season. Are they OK to use?

You should check the expiration date on your pool chemicals and discard and replace any that have expired. Never dispose of chemicals in the household trash or down any drains unless directed by a water treatment facility. Never pour chemicals down a drain or toilet if they lead to a septic tank. Always make it part of your spring pool opening plan to buy new chemicals from your local professional pool retailer.

What kind of maintenance do I need for my irrigation?

Irrigation should be checked periodically to make sure that all components are functioning correctly. Before the winter starts the irrigation system should be drained to prevent frost damage

Will tree roots destroy my pool?

It is a good idea to avoid any trees or plants that have wide-reaching, potentially destructive roots. These may damage swimming pools, creating the need for expensive repairs. If you feel that you absolutely must have plants or trees that are potentially dangerous or may create maintenance issues, plant them at least eight feet from the edge of your pool to avoid such problems.

Isn’t it easier to just take care of the pool myself?

Proper pool maintenance requires weekly supervision. All of the chemical levels such as; Chlorine, Alkalinity, Free Chlorine, P.H. and T.D.S must be consistently maintained to have a safe swimming environment.

In addition, pool professionals are trained to notice any changes in the performance of the pool. They can then immediately troubleshoot any problems and put into action a repair plan to bring your pool back up to 100%.


  • Will a safety pool net affect my pool use?
    The easy removal and replacement of a safety pool net will not affect the time it takes to use your pool. A roller is provided with netting systems so that it is easy to store when the pool is in use. An average adult can remove and replace a safety pool net within five minutes.

  • What kind of water safety items should I have around my pool?
    Keep life-saving devices either in the swimming pool or directly next to the pool. You should have a life-jacket, a safety line, a Shepard's Crook and an inner tube.

  • How long should I wait to swim after adding chemicals?
    Most balancing chemicals, such as pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness, will become incorporated into the water within an hour of adding them, at which time swimming is safe. Shock takes longer to adjust with the pool water, so waiting overnight after shocking before you swim is recommended.

  • What swimming pool safety issues should I consider?
    A few safety rules to always remember: Never leave your pool empty for an extended period. Never leave pool gates open. Install self-closers on all gates leading into your yard. If you see water in your pool or hot tub lighting, call a professional immediately. Ensure that you have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) installed where appropriate. Ensure that insulators are properly installed in timer boxes. Never leave children unattended around swimming pools or spas.

  • What kind of first aid items should I have for water emergencies?
    A first aid kit tailored for swimming pool emergencies would contain a first aid guide from the American Medical Association, items to treat cuts and bruises, and eye drops for chlorine irritation. Store the kit in a cool, dry area near the swimming pool.

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